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If you're ready for an exciting and adrenaline-filled adventure, you're in the right place! Here in Finale Ligure, we offer you the unique opportunity to explore the most exclusive, hidden, and fascinating trails in the area on your mountain bike. And you know what? You won't have to do it alone! Thanks to our partnership with some of Finale's most experienced and passionate MTB guides, every ride will be an unforgettable experience.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Ligurian nature as you ride through trails winding through ancient forests, crystal-clear streams, and stunning sea views. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cyclist, we have the perfect tour for you. And it's not just about riding: our tours will also take you to discover Finale Ligure's best-kept secrets, from ancient villages to historical sites that will leave you breathless.

If you're ready for a unique and unforgettable experience, hop on your bike and join us for an adventure you'll never forget. Choose your favorite tour and get ready to discover the best of Finale Ligure, guided by the expert hands of our trusted MTB guides.

We can't wait to share this incredible mountain biking adventure with you!

Tour 1 - Badlands


A thorough exploration of the territory has led us to build a tour for those who want to defy gravity on their bike, on technical trails and breathtaking views.

Tour Details:

We depart from Finale Ligure with a shuttle ride to the Nato Base, from where we head northeast to start our journey on our exclusive trails!

The shuttle will assist us with transfers to fully enjoy the epic descents that await us. We'll ride a succession of natural and man-made trails with super fun technical sections, jumps, and rock features.

Our highlight for this tour is the area of Calanchi, unique formations similar to the Red Bull Rampage area, where we have built a breathtaking ridge trail, as well as the opportunity for freeride on the sand and rock dunes all around the trail. A unique area that deserves some souvenir shots or a manual video on the exposed ridge!

After experiencing these wonders and having lunch at a typical restaurant with local delights, we'll head back, still assisted by the shuttle, to return to Finale with one of the trails like Crestino, Ingegnere, or Rollercoaster and Cacciatore, for example.

Wonderful sea views will frame our last descent, before ending the day with a well-deserved beer in Finale Ligure.





Approximately 300m




4 out of 6


5 out of 6


6/7 hours


€90 per person (minimum 5 people)

Tour 2 - Flow


Join us on a one-of-a-kind tour that takes you through exclusive trails, which only we can offer! We will lead you to lesser-known areas that are steeped in myths and legends, and through spectacular tracks! The trails are maintained by skilled hands who work out of passion and to have fun on their creations, of course!

Dettagli del tour:

We will start from Finale Ligure with a shuttle lift to Nato Base. We’ll then follow one of the trails that have made this place famous all over the world, but we will soon leave the glamour of Finale to venture into the wild east.

The shuttle will help us with a transfer to the Adelasia Nature Preserve and the surrounding areas, a mystical place full of legends, such as that of Princess Adelasia.

Here we will ride the trails maintained in perfect conditions by local volunteers with our help. Super flowy lines built to perfection, immersed in beech and oak woods.

The technical level of the trails is on average lower than that of Finale, thanks to the fact that they are less ridden and built on softer terrain. However, they are ready to satisfy each type of biker, from the easy rider to the most expert.

After enjoying these wonders and having lunch in a typical restaurant with local delights, we will take the return route, always with shuttle assistance, to ride back to Finale with a trail such as Crestino or Ingegnere.

Wonderful glimpses of the sea will frame our last descent, before finishing the day with a well-deserved beer in Finale Ligure.





About 400m




4 over 6


3 over 6


6/7 hours


90€ per person (min. 5 people)

Altri Tour

Flow School offers a variety of exciting mountain biking tours and experiences in the beautiful Finale Ligure region. Whether you're a beginner or advanced rider, there's something for everyone to enjoy.


Level :s2 -> s3

Amount of trails: 6/7

Duration: 9:00 -> 17:00

The "Finale Classic" shuttle tour is perfect for riders looking to explore the iconic trails that have made Finale Ligure a world-renowned mountain biking destination. With experienced local guides leading the way, you'll ride on some of the best trails in the area, including Nato Base, Roller Coaster, H, Toboga di Canova, and Little Champery. Lunch time is an important moment. Our goal is to provide an unforgettable experience on your bike as much as we wish you to taste the best local cuisine and traditions. That's why lunch at a typical tavern with delicious homemade food is included in the tour.


Level :s2 -> s3

Amount of trails: 6/7

Duration: 9:00 -> 17:00

Not a first timer in the area, and actually want to ride something different or less crowded or more wild?Look no further!

If you're looking for something off the beaten path, the "Beyond Finale" 4x4 shuttle tour takes you to the Monte Carmo mountain for a more wild and natural singletrack experience. Accessible only by a 4 wheel drive Land Rover Defender, these special trails offer stunning views and a unique riding experience. Riding up to almost 1400m above the sea, on clear days you will enjoy a 360 degree view from mountain peaks to the sea.  Lunch at a traditional tavern is also included in this tour.


Level : s3

Amount of trails: 6/7

Duration: 8:00 -> 17:30

Diano Marina, a charming seaside town located about 50km from Finale, offers a unique trail experience. For riders seeking adrenaline-pumping jumps and coastal scenery, the "Jump Line" tour in Diano Marina is the perfect choice. With transfers, shuttle, and guide provided, you'll enjoy a day of thrilling riding on trails designed by one of Italy's fastest riders, with breathtaking sea views and plenty of jumps.


Level :s2 -> s3

Duration: 17:00->22:00

For a magical mountain biking experience, the "Sunset Rides" tour offers a unique opportunity to ride during the sunset and under the starry night sky. With professional headlight provided, you'll have the trails all for yourself. Imagine the serenity of riding through nature's beauty, with only the mesmerizing colors of the sunset and the darkness of night guiding your path. The tour ends with a delightful dinner, allowing you to relax after  this wonderful adventure.


For e-bike lovers, the "E-Bike Adventures" tour in Pietra Ligure offers a double fun experience of riding up and down the hills on dedicated e-mountain bike trails. With trails designed for uphill and downhill riding, you can enjoy exploring the trails in a whole new way. Our local guides will select all the trails on the day according to your riding level.


Flow School also offers technique lessons for adults and children, with experienced instructors helping to improve biking skills and confidence on the trails. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your techniques, these lessons are tailored to suit your needs.

With a range of tours and experiences to choose from, Flow School provides a memorable and thrilling mountain biking experience. Contact us for prices and availability to book your next adventure


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