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Bike shuttle and Guides for the best MTB trails in Finale Ligure

Our Freeride Outdoor Village campsite is the best equipped campsite in Finale Ligure for MTB lovers.

For years we have welcomed sportsmen and two-wheel enthusiasts from all over Europe, ready to launch themselves along the steep tracks of Finale and then conclude the day with a nice swim in our splendid swimming pool.

Being in contact with bikers for a long time has allowed us to fully understand what all their needs are.

This is why we have equipped the campsite with all the necessary services to make the stay of mountain bike enthusiasts in Finale Ligure as comfortable as possible.

MTB-related activities are managed by the ASD OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE sports association.

MTB trails Finale Ligure

freeride outdoor village mappa trail

Finale Ligure is one of the MTB world capitals.

The variety of environments, the large number of trails and the international events it hosts make the trails of Finale Ligure a popular destination for bikers from all over the world.

Here is a list of the most famous trails of Finale divided by area and category.


The Manie plateau extends behind Finale Ligure, Noli and Varigotti.

It is full of viewpoints on the beaches and cliffs of Noli and trails suitable for both mountain biking and trekking.

Given its favorable exposure and the always dry ground, it is perfect for MTB days even in the coldest months of the year.

At the end of May it hosts the famous 24h of Finale, a Cross Country race known all over the world.

Main MTB trails:

  • Ring of the 24h of Finale
  • DH Men
  • DH Women
  • West Balcony
  • Toboggan
  • Roman Bridges


A pretty inland village, the arrival destination of some of the most beautiful trails in the Finale area.

The trails in this area are among the most challenging in the entire Finale area.

Main MTB trails:

  • Little Chambery
  • Cà Bianca
  • Margot
  • Oribago
  • Oribago 2
  • Pino Morto
  • Neanderthal
  • Cromagnon

Base Nato

Iconic starting point of some of the longest and most famous MTB trails in Finale Ligure.

Located at an altitude of 1000 meters, it is the ideal place to do Enduro in the hottest months, when the temperature rises excessively.

The area is full of MTB flow trails, challenging but without exaggerating, immersed in spectacular centuries-old beech woods.

It is an area not to be missed for any biker who loves this sport.

Main MTB trails:

  • Base Nato
  • Madre Natura
  • 115
  • H Trail
  • Cravarezza
  • Ingegnere
  • Crestino
  • Supergroppo


Colle del Melogno is another area not to be missed.

Between 1000 and 1200 meters high of this alpine pass some very important trails start that lead to Finale Ligure but also to the nearby town of Pietra Ligure.

The Osteria del Din, strategically located on the crossroads between the provincial road of Melogno and the false floor that leads to Base Nato, is particularly famous.

In fact, here is the arrival point of many bike shuttles loaded with bikers who want to try their hand at the most famous MTB trail in Finale Ligure: the Rollercoaster.

7 km of pure fun between drops, technical sections and other flows, emotional ups and downs that make this path a must for any mountain bike lover.

Main MTB trails:

  • Rollercoaster
  • Toboga of Canova
  • Isallo Escasy
  • Martina

San Bernardino

Central hill between the two valleys of Calvisio and FinalBorgo, it hosts both Cross Country trails and more challenging trails.

It is an interesting connection point for the hinterland of Orco Felgino and the climbing walls of Monte Cucco.

Main MTB trails:

  • Cucco
  • Dolmen
  • Pianarella

Madonna della Guardia

Trail area for true experts, it hosts some of the most technical and difficult trails in the area, also used as stages of the Enduro World Series.

Main MTB trails:

  • Madonna della Guardia
  • Kill Bill 1
  • Kill Bill 2
  • Cacciatore


This is the Caprazoppa hill, a plateau that on one side hosts a spectacular view of the seaside resorts from Pietra Ligure to Albenga, on the other a dense network of trails that are not easy to navigate.

It is often used to return to Finale coming from Melogno or Pietra Ligure.

Main MTB trails:

  • X-Men
  • Bondi
  • Via degli Alpini

Pietra Ligure - Spotorno

In addition to the classic tours within the Finale area, we offer new routes in the Pietra Ligure area and in many other coastal and inland areas.

Liguria, one of the 5 best destinations in Europe for bicycle lovers, offers more routes than can be covered in 2 weeks.

Here at the campsite you will find guided tours for expert and non-expert bikers, according to your preferences.

Bike tours - Guided and unguided

Our MTB Camping in Finale Ligure offers the opportunity to take part in guided mountain bike tours, whatever your level of experience in this sport!

Whether you are a fan of Enduro, Downhill or easier Cycle Tourism, you will find something for your teeth.

In fact, our guides, knowing perfectly the area and the great variety of environments of the Ligurian hinterland, are able to organize the routes according to the needs of our guests, managing to guide you on paths suitable for your driving level, through the best trail of Finale.

Here are the main guided tours that you can find at our facility. Those wishing to walk the same paths independently can ask for information at the reception.

TOUR 1 - EASY - Start the mountain bike

Difficulty: EASY

Disciplines: Cross Country – All Mountain

Area: San Bernardino – Orco Feglino – Manie

Duration: 6h

Included trails:

  • Ascent to San Bernardino
  • Cucco Trail
  • Val Nava Trail
  • Roman Bridges Trail
  • 24h di Finale
  • Brig Left Trail
  • Return to the campsite

Description: a beautiful excursion to learn about the trails of Finale.

The electric MTB is particularly suitable for overcoming the most demanding climbs. After a first ascent in asphalt up to the hill of San Bernardino you proceed with a long false dirt floor, the Cucco Trail, crossing pine forests and Mediterranean scrub. From all sides there are trails of high difficulty, such as the Dolmen Trail, Traliccio and Pianarella. Continuing straight however you come to the funniest section, a fun single trail that alternates short technical descents with sudden climbs on stone. Eventually you reach the climbing walls of Monte Cucco, where you can stop and catch your breath in the shade.

Continuing towards the village of Orco Feglino on asphalt you reach the small cemetery, where another fun and flow motorcycle trail starts: Val Nava Trail. You descend quickly on very compact ground, taking advantage of the parabolics and artfully built banks to arrive in a wonderful ravine between limestone cliffs up to 80 meters, a natural gym of rare beauty for climbing lovers.

At the end of the trail you return to asphalt, crossing the Sciusa stream to get to the parts of Verzi. Here the road starts to rise again, first on asphalt, then on dirt, finally on the single Ponti Romani, a beautiful and very popular climb to get to the Manie plateau.

Here we walk the ring of the 24h of Finale, an epic competition between breathtaking views overlooking the sea and very fast paths in the Mediterranean scrub. At the end of the loop with the Toboga Trail, one of the most famous trails in Finale, we return to Finale Ligure, following various lesser-known paths, to conclude with the more technical Briga Destra Trail and Ciottolato Trail, which take us back to the Finalpia area.

From there an obligatory stop for a walk for a moment of refreshment and then return to the campsite.

TOUR 2 - MEDIUM - Base Nato

Difficulty: MEDIUM

Disciplines: All Mountain – Enduro

Area: Base Nato - Feglino

Duration: 4h

Included trails:

  • Shuttle 2 Base Nato
  • Madre Natura Trail
  • H Trail
  • Ingegnere Trail
  • Shuttle 2 Base Nato
  • Crestino Trail
  • Supergroppo Trail

TOUR 3 - HARD - Enduro

Difficulty: HARD

Disciplines: Enduro

Area: Melogno – Madonna della Guardia

Duration: 4h

Included trails:

  • Shuttle 2 Osteria del Din (Colle del Melogno)
  • Rollercoaster Trail
  • Kill Bill 1
  • Madonna della Guardia Trail
  • Shuttle 2 Madonna della Guardia
  • Cacciatore Trail

TOUR 4 - Custom

Difficulty: Custom

Disciplines: Custom

Zone: Custom

Duration: Custom

Do you have special needs and want an itinerary designed specifically for you? You want to explore particular trails in Finale or other neighboring areas such as Pietra, Loano or Spotorno. Do you want to improve your mtb technique or overcome a particular difficulty?

We know the whole area perfectly and we have instructors able to give you the best experience for your level. Let's create the MTB adventure of your dreams together!

Bike shuttle

Tired of cycling? We give a ride to both you and your bike up to the top of the mountains, so that you can enjoy the routes and tracks of the hinterland to the fullest during your stay.

The service is available to guests of our campsite.

We offer professional service with reinforced trailers and over 20 years of experience in the sector. Your bike will be transported in maximum safety and returned without any scratches. Your bike is in good hands.

Costs: contact the reception for more info!

Bike wash and repair area

Your bike is on vacation too!!! And it deserves a respectable treatment. Therefore, you and her will have everything you need to perform at your best.

The bike washing area is located in a corner of the outdoor pitch area. A tap with a pipe already connected is available. We also have an area equipped for the maintenance of your bike, with a pump to inflate the tires, a stand and a  with spare parts for the bike chain.

We also have a kit with repair tools available on request at our reception. And finally the safe deposit, where your bike can rest safely until the next adventure!

finale freeride outdoor village mtb
finale freeride outdoor village mtb
finale freeride outdoor village mtb

Where we are

Freeride Outdoor Village is located in the beautiful countryside of Finale Ligure, less than 1 km from Finalborgo. The sandy beach is only 4 km away and about 10 minutes by car, 15 minutes by bicycle and 45 minutes by walk from the village. The bus service connects the campsite to the center and to the sea with twelve trips a day.

How to get to the village

From Finale Ligure’s railway station 

Turn right on via Domenico Brunenghi. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Strada Statale 1 for 350 meters. Sharp right onto via Caprazoppa, heading north for about 1,5 km. At the roundabout take the 1st exit and, after the bridge, turn left onto via Calice. Drive for about 1,7 km. The village is on the left, just before the filling station.

From Genoa’s airport

Head on via Pionieri e Aviatori d’Italia. At the roundabout take the 1st exit and slight right onto the slip road to Sestri Ponente Centro / Autostrade. Merge onto A10 towards Ventimiglia (toll road). Follow the A10 for 62 km and take exit Finale Ligure. Follow the street for about 1,5 km, then turn left onto Strada di Gorra SP490. At the roundabout take the 2nd exit and, after the bridge, turn left onto via Calice. Drive for about 1,7 km. The village is on the left, just before the filling station.

From the motorway (exit Finale Ligure)

Take exit Finale Ligure. Follow the street for about 1,5 km, then turn left onto Strada di Gorra SP490. At the roundabout take the 2nd exit and, after the bridge, turn left onto via Calice. Drive for about 1,7 km. The village is on the left, just before the filling station.


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