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Finale Outdoor: activities for all tastes!

Finale Ligure is a tourist resort that offers great satisfaction to tourists who want to combine the beauty of nature and Ligurian beaches with the adrenaline of sports activities and the adventure of outdoor life.

Whether you are a lover of water sports, of "land" sports, or even "air" sport You will meet your match!

And we, at the Finale Freeride Outdoor Village are real specialists in this area (as the name of our campsite suggests). We are the real "Outdoor Camping" of Finale: we love outdoor activities and we have dozens of collaborations with many sports associations and individual professionals capable of making you live unforgettable experiences and adventures.


freeride outdoor village parapendio a finale ligure

From 1 October to 30 April it is possible for everyone to fly in tandem over the Finale Ligure area accompanied by Marco Sky Bini, Tandem Pilot of the Aero Club of Italy with over 30 years of experience in the air.

A few steps are enough to take off and find yourself in flight, comfortably seated, safely experiencing the fantastic thrill of free flight in paragliding. You will see the stunning coast between Finale, Varigotti and Noli from above, flying over its splendid hills and cliffs overlooking the sea and then landing on the beach in total silence. You will be explained how free flight paragliding works, that is, the one that uses wind and thermals to climb in altitude and if you wish you can try to fly.

There are no age limits! Tandem flight is a unique and accessible experience for everyone. Contact us to book your flight!!

The service is provided by:

Marco Sky: +39.349.6762389 (also Wapp)
Beatrice : +39.349.2454794 (also Wapp)
Email: liguriadventure@gmail.com
Website:  www.liguriadventure.it

Climbing - For beginners and experts

freeride outdoor village climbing a finale ligure

Finale boasts the largest karst area in Italy and it’s an international destination for very reasons: there are now more than 3000 practicable routes with different degrees of difficulty. There is really plenty of choice.

Worldwide known sectors are: Monte Sordo, Bric ScimarcoRocca di Corno, Pilastro Mirovino  Pian Marino, Paretina di Avatr  Pian Marino, Monte Cucco, Bastionata di Boragni, Rian Cornei, Rocca di Perti and many others.

We would like to introduce you to Grotta dell’Edera, a small wonder in the heart of the Finale hinterland, in the thick wood of Monte Sordo. It is an open-air cave; two large openings on the ceiling let the sun enter inside, creating magical light effects. It is among best-known locations in the climbing community.

The Finale Alpine Guides Society organizes climbing outings in groups and offers equipment, insurance and travel cost included in the daily price.

In Finalborgo, among its ancient streets, you will find many specialized shops, ready to provide you with high quality equipment and clothing.

Trekking / Hiking

freeride outdoor village trekking a finale ligure

The trails around Finale invite you to spend an exceptional day discovering nature and breathtaking views. The typical Ligurian wildlife will welcome you and give you the impression of jump right into another world. The olive groves, the orange trees and the Ligurian flora will leave you speechless. Our certified guides will guide you to discover secret places of great interest.

Get ready for an adventure on some of the best trails in the Finale area!

  1. Sentiero Ermano Fossati (from the campsite 3 min by car / 20 min on foot). A 37 km long path, steep climbs, technical descents, fixed rope and cave passages. Truly one of a kind.
  2. Strada della Regina (Queen’s Road) from Finalborgo to S. Antonino (from the campsite 5 min by car / 20 min on foot). Lovers of history, on this walk you will be able to experience the medieval world, a true historical heritage for the city of Finale Ligure. Then passing through the imposing castles of Finale, Castel San Giovanni and Castel Govone, to finally arrive in front of the famous Chiesa dei Cinque Campanili (Church of the Five Bell Towers).
  3. Balcone sul Mare (Balcony overlooking the Sea) with a detour to S. Lorenzo (from the campsite 15 min by car). It literally overlooks the Ligurian Sea. A walk where you will never lose sight of the sea and walk among rosemary plants and olive groves.
  4. Rocca di Perti (from the campsite 3 min by car / 20 min on foot). Adventure is the main feature of this stimulating path. Caves and overhanging cliffs are the main protagonists.
  5. Le Manie (from the campsite 10 min by car). An area that allows you to cross traditional taverns on your way where you can taste zero-kilometer products.
  6. Anello del Ciappo (from the campsite 18 min by car). A path to dive into pre-history.
  7. Pian Marino (from the campsite 9 min by car / 45 min on foot). The cave majesty will leave you breathless and the slightly uphill path will make you enjoy a great view.

Our guides will be able to accompany you on these trips so that you can experience a fun adventure in complete safety.

Summer sports camps for kids

freeride outdoor village campo estivo bambini

Don't you know who to entrust your children to during excursions? No problem! From the age of 4, they can participate in sports camps organized by the Outdoor Experience Association, which is based at the campsite. They will have fun with many different sports, workshops and outdoor games in the company of other children, carefully supervised by qualified instructors and youth entertainers.

So if you are tired in the evening don’t you worry, they will be too!

The service, which includes the daily activities and a lunch box, operates from mid-June to early September. Remember to ask for availability at the reception or by email before your arrival: we'll take care of sending your request to the association!


Acquagym / Water bike

freeride outdoor village acquagym

From June to September you can actively spend your lunch break in our swimming pool. Refresh your muscles and ligaments by engaging them in light exercises in the pool. Our Team offers different exercises that will give your body real relief.

Water fitness activity is suitable for everyone and does not negatively affect the joints.

The instructor will vary the approach: you can use tools or free body, and each time the lesson will be different, dynamic and highly training.

The lessons are always very fun and stimulating, will be held by our instructor Manuela Bianchi Martina, responsible for several Fitness Centers in the Savona province and teacher of many disciplines including: Acqua Circuit, Acqua Dance, Acqua Tono, Acqua Zumba, Acqua Boxe and much much more!!!

Yoga and QiGong / Massage and Physio

freeride outdoor village yoga

Before starting your excursions to discover the beautiful Ligurian hinterland or going to lie down on one of the beautiful beaches of Finale Ligure, you will have the opportunity to start the day at the campsite with a healthy yoga session in the company of our qualified instructors. There is nothing better to fill up on energy for your sports day.

In particular, our instructor Manuela will be able to teach you Yoga Flex Fitness: holistic discipline where you work through dynamic Yoga. It involves an initial warm-up phase and then moves on to the central phases where a different "salute to the sun" will be performed each time and then move on to the toning and stretching part on the ground always through the Yoga Asanas.

The special feature of this discipline is the fusion with some elements and ideas coming from Power Tai-Chi!! SEEING IS BELIEVING.

Manuela will also carry out Fitness classes out of the water both at high and low impact!!! Each time the lesson of the day will be communicated in advance and can be chosen between: AEROBICS, GAG, TOTAL BODY, ZUMBA, PILATES & STRETCHING, POSTURAL GYMNASTICS AND PILATES.

And for those who just want to relax?

Shatsu, Reiki, Ayuveda, Sport massage. Our certified physiotherapists will be happy to offer you a nice relaxing and soothing massage. After an exhausting day on the bike, a challenging climbing route or a long day of hiking, enjoy this fantastic service. End your sports day fresh and relaxed.

Other Outdoor activities

freeride outdoor village slackline a finale ligure


In 2009 some Aosta Valley enthusiasts bolted a 35 m long and 80 m high Highline at Monte Cucco, this marks the year in which this discipline recognizes the potential of Finale Ligure.

In 2015, Finale Ligure played a leading role as the perfect senary of a world record by the athlete Samuel Volery who manages to walk the longest waterline ever mounted so far: 290 m is spoken.

Following the huge success of the athlete, Finale Ligure is now the destination and interest of some of the strongest slackliners in the world. Near the Freeride Outdoor Village campsite the best spots for slackline:

  1. Fase Rem (Rem Phase). The beauty of a cave overlooking the sea makes this area one of the most beautiful in Finale Ligure.
  2. Belvedere. The San Bernardino hill is known for its breathtaking landscapes. You will fall in love during the walk.
  3. Salto nel Passato (Leap into the Past). You’ll be suspended overlooking the medieval village.
  4. Monte Cucco. The passion for this sport was born right here.
  5. Boragni. Lines immersed in an enchanting wood.

You will be able to experience the thrill of "walking on a thread" thanks to the expert guide of Maestro Ivan Soddu!

freeride outdoor village canoa a finale ligure

Canoe / Excursion to the Island of Bergeggi

An uninhabited island 200 m from the coast to visit, a 2h30 canoe ride with an environmental excursion guide on reservation who will introduce you to the rich underwater life and 2 nautical miles to face by paddling. The Pro Loco of Bergeggi (30 minutes by car from the campsite) can offer you an unmissable experience at 360 degrees. The trip is suitable for all, young and old, and if you have never been on a canoe, do not worry: the guide will explain the basics and then you will be ready to leave with your family or friends for this adventure!

freeride outdoor village vela a finale ligure


Have you always dreamed of sailing towards the horizon? Well at Finale you can do this too. Velamania organizes day and weekend excursions. The departure is from the port of Finale Ligure (10 minutes by car from the campsite).

You can admire the beauty of the coast and see two of the prettiest villages on the western Noli and Varigotti from offshore.

The Baia dei Saraceni is a nothter must-see where you’ll be surrounded by the most transparent and crystalline water you’ve ever seen: it will not be difficult to be enchanted by the beauty of the seabed thanks to the snorkeling equipment that you find at your disposal on board.

If you have time, we suggest a day trip to Isola Gallinara. The departure is in the morning and the return in the late afternoon. The sailboat will be anchored offshore and you will be able to swim with the island in the background. Lunch is freshly prepared and will be waiting for you on board.

Velamania also organizes romantic fish-based dinners under the magical light of the sunset over the sea and the surreal view of Noli by night.


We have also thought about snorkeling enthusiasts.

There is a path, the Sentiero Blu (Blue Trail, 10 min from the campsite by car), which runs parallel to the Pagliai Beach at 0.50 / 3 m deep. It is ideal for admiring the richness of the underwater life and is marked by surface buoys and a guide cable on the seabed.

Freely accessible to everyone from May to October and you can get information thanks to the descriptive tags attached to the buoys. If you prefer to be accompanied by an expert, you can book a guided tour with the Naval League which will put its marine biologists at your disposal.

freeride outdoor village santuario cetacei

Whale watching / Sanctuary of the Cetaceans

In the area between the Provencal, Ligurian, Tuscan and Sardinian coasts, the so-called Sanctuary of the Cetaceans was established to defend one of the richest areas of life in the Mediterranean Sea.

In this protected area it is particularly easy to spot specimens of fin whale, cachalot, dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, sea turtles, common dolphin, pilot whale and many other species.

The Seasafari of Loano takes you right inside the Sanctuary, 24 km from the coast. It starts from the port of Loano and the tour lasts between 3 and 4 hours. A marine biologist will also come on board and will provide you with information and curiosities about the cetaceans you will meet. Finally, a dip in the open sea to conclude to top it off. Reservations are possible on weekends.

freeride outdoor village canyoning a finale ligure

Canyoning / Torrentism

It is the only activity that is not practiced in the direct vicinity of the campsite but it is worth thinking about being reported for those who are looking for pure adventure.

During the day you will find yourself walking along beautiful paths , making your way between the cliffs , you will slide in channels carved into the rock by the force of the water, you will face waterfalls, proceed by swimming and abseil with ropes.

The Finale Alpine Guides Society organizes outings which are 40 min / 1h30 from Finale and the campsite. You will share this experience with a small group of people and the guides ensure that the available itineraries are truly suitable for everyone: adults and children. An unforgettable day indeed!

Ecco gli itinerari più quotati in Liguria:

  • Parco del Beigua (Cogoleto, Varazze). Rio Lerca, Rio Prialunga
  • Valle Arroscia (Albenga). Rio Santa Lucia
  • Valle Argentina (Arma di Taggia). Rio argentina, Rio Grognardo
  • Rocchetta Nervina (Bordighera). Rio Barbaira
  • Val Roya. Canyon de la Maglia
freeride outdoor village grotte a finale ligure

Paths in the cave

For fans but not only, two pearls of Ligurian heritage.

Caves of Borgio Verezzi. They wind for 800 m and the path opens into large and majestic rooms, the gaze will be lost among the artistic concretions formed. The cave also comes to life in the evening thanks to the shows that are organized in summer.

Caves of Toirano. If you want to spend an unforgettable hour of adventure, natural beauty and archaeological finds of great value, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit these fantastic caves. The route is more than a kilometer long and will lead you to the two main rooms: the Bàsura cave, famous for the findings of numerous remains of cave bears, and the cave of Santa Lucia Inferiore.

Adults and children will be amazed!

freeride outdoor village windsurf a finale ligure


The Windsurf Center is located at Bagni Mariella in Varigotti (15 min by car). The school offers courses for all levels, from beginners to advanced, for groups or individuals. Windsurfing, canoe and stand up paddle rental is also provided.

freeride outdoor village equitazione a finale ligure

Horseback riding excursions

Not just the sea but beautiful walks along the paths of Finale. Horseback riding even in groups accompanied by competent instructors. A few meters from the campsite, there is the Finale Horse Racing Company: you will have the opportunity to attend riding courses for adults with expert instructors and to give the children a nice afternoon of playful activity with ponies.


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